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As technology evolves and design trends change, it’s a great idea to reevaluate your existing website. A website review answers those nagging questions in the back of your mind about whether your site is performing well for your business.

Why pay for a review? Many business owners are short on time to dedicate to a full website redesign project. A review will point out areas that will provide the most return on your investment. You may find that adjusting a few small items makes a world of difference and you don’t need a new site. Additionally, having a trusted third-party take a fresh look at your business online will highlight areas for growth. 

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What the Review covers

Is my website user-friendly?

Beautiful websites are not effective if they are too hard to use. Your target audience must find the information they need easily and intuitively.

Is my site search engine friendly?

Most businesses are looking for new clients and most of your clients are using a search engine. Make sure your site can be found!

Does my website look good?

Your site is often the first impression a customer has of your business. Is it an extension of your brand?

Is my site secure?

Security is non-negotiable. Google ranks sites that are secure and trusted, regardless of if you collect money through the site or not. 

Does my site communicate well?

The content (text and photos) on your site should help your potential customers understand why they need to work with you. 

How can I improve my website?

Many sites can make small adjustments and see great improvement in traffic and increased leads.

We provide an objective, insightful view of your website and how it can reach it’s full potential for your business. 

Step by step

The Website Review Process


Book Your Review

Sign up for your website review and complete the questions. We’ll get started and be in touch with our findings.


Review Feedback

We will review your site and provide personalized written action plan and video feedback discussing your site. 


Take Action!

Implement the items in the action plan to engage your customers and increase the value of your site!

Sign up for a review!

Website Reviews are $250 and include a full printable report with specific action items, along with a personalized video review!

We apply the cost of your review to any projects started within 60 days of your review. 


Website Review Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a little more information? Check out these common questions. Still left scratching your head? Please reach out!

Who is the website review for?

Our reviews are great for website owners, businesses, and organizations seeking to enhance their online marketing strategy through improved user experience, increased traffic, and conversion rates.

How will the Review Help Me?

Our customized report details potential design, technical, and search engine optimization obstacles that could limit your website’s reach with potential customers. We provide specific, prioritized, and actionable tasks that can be taken to help ensure your website is operating for your business. 

What areas does the review cover?

Our website reviews cover a variety of topics, including

  • Website design
  • User Experience & Navigation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • SEO and Online Visibility
  • Performance and Security
  • Accessability
Do you make changes to my website?

No. We provide the report to you and you are welcome to make the changes yourself, share with your own website developer, or contact us for help making any recommended changes.

I'm not a Technical Person - How can the review help me?

Our review not only covers the technical portions of your website, but also includes content and messaging. We can help you clarify your messaging and many times this helps communicate with your potential customers without having to get technical!

I built the website myself on (Wix, Squarespace, etc). Can you review my site?

Absolutely! Our reviews work for any platform and our feedback is helpful and educational and shared in a way that anyone can understand. 

Erin Schlarb from Hemlock Strategy and Design, creator of Small Business Websites
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Working with Hemlock Strategy + Design


At our core, we believe that every business, no matter the size, deserves the best project experience possible. We approach projects with a heart to learn about our client’s unique businesses and customers, to provide the best tools possible, and to teach our clients how to optimize their websites moving forward.

We believe a website is more than a group of nice-looking pages. A small business website is often the first stop for your prospective customers. We want your website to be found, to have a great user experience, and convert potential customers into paying customers.