Website Checklist

I want your website project to be a great experience. Whatever direction you take to build your site, I want your business to look great online and help you sell your products and services. And sometimes having a list in your hands helps you tackle the work ahead of you! That’s why I’ve put together a FREE Website Checklist for you! This is perfect for someone who hasn’t started a website before, or someone who wants to earn bonus points with their designer!

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Who the website checklist is for:


Small Business Owners + Employees


Anyone looking to start a website!

Adventurous types that are ready to build but want to cover all the bases,

Folks who know they need to hire out the work of building a fantastic website,

and everyone in between!

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What does it include?

From the foundation of defining your business to social media and everything in between, this list outlines the basic items every website needs to communicate with visitors and convert them to customers!

A bonus section is included to help you prioritize your project needs. 

This download is great for anyone looking for a site, but not sure what all they need to have ready, or a savvy person looking to be snappy when they hire a designer. 

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