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Technology Tools for the Home Office

Starting your business? Are you looking for technology tools for the home office? I’ve done hours of research, looking for the perfect balance between low-cost and high functionality and these are my go-to solutions! Please note: Some recommended services below contain affiliate links. This means that Hemlock Strategy and Design may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase a paid service. You will not pay more for the service.


My husband is a teacher and brought home his MacBook Air years ago (over 10!) and I was hooked. I was a PC gal for a while, but did have experience on Macs through the Computer Lab in college. Long story short, we’ve been Mac folks since. I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro this fall. The upgrade process from my previous version to this was seamless. We use iPhones and the integration between devices (texting from my laptop…airdroping photos, etc) saves so much time!

Laptop Stand

When I’m working through the day, I have my laptop sitting on a stand. It raises the screen up and I slide files and notebooks underneath for storage. It’s lightweight enough to move around but sturdy enough that I know my laptop isn’t going to move.

Peripheral Devices

With the laptop up on the stand, I use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work. Honestly, when I’m typing emails, designing sites, and just cranking on work all day, I prefer to use the keyboard and wireless mouse instead of the laptop. This is the best of both worlds!

Second Screen

I work off of my laptop, however, I very often have multiple applications open at a time and love using a second screen. This AOC monitor has been a great, budget-friendly option for my office!

Extra Storage / Backups

While my laptop has plenty of storage, I want to have space for archived work and backups. I’m currently using the LaCie Rugged Mini 4TB External Hard Drive and its working beautifully!

Physical File Storage

While many of my notes are digital, and I use a CRM tool for my client management, I still have paper. Most of my call notes are handwritten on notebook paper because I honestly find writing to be faster and less distracting than typing. With that, I need to keep this paper organized in the middle of my home office. I use a plastic storage box to manage my files, as well as store pens, calculator, and post-its in the top. It’s my desk that moves with me if needed. While not a high tech pick, it’s part of my overall set up!

Your turn!

What are your must-have tools for your small business? What tools are you searching for that we can collaborate on? Send me a note! erin@hemlockstrategy.com