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scitrain Website Redesign

scitrain website redesign

About the scitrain Website Redesign Project

scitrain website redesignscitrain had an existing website that was dated in design and they requested a website redesign. We collaboratively worked through expanding and organizing the services and offerings provided by the company and clarifying the messages conveyed on the site. Because of the nature of the business, it was important that the website support the personal conversations that lead to client interactions.

Our collaboration produced an extensive library of client video testimonials that the company may as needed, a Careers page for hiring efforts, and space for future case studies.

The Final Website


About the Client

scitrain is a global leadership development firm located in Canton, Ohio.

The energy and passion for people development were evident in the first conversation I had with scitrain during the proposal process. Our kickoff meeting at their offices taught me how unique this company truly is – they are a mighty group of invested experts who develop custom simulations and experiences to better their participants professionally and personally.

It’s common sense that companies should treat their staff and customers well. I think an overlooked measure of the heart of an organization is how they treat their vendors and ‘external’ servicers. scitrain was wonderful to work with – we found our iterative ‘groove’ to refine the design, imagery, and text to define their unique services and offerings as clearly as possible. The entire team embraced the process and truly saw me as a partner and expressed their appreciation along the way.

scitrain’s Testimonial

scitrain website redesignFor months, we had known that we needed a new website. Our customers, employees, and cooperation partners were all sharing feedback that our website was old, offering too much information, and challenging to navigate. At first, we were overwhelmed with the number of web designers that are available and found that the industry is a bit commoditized. When you have many players operating in the same space, it is truly the unique providers that rise to the top and shine through all other competitors.

When we chose Hemlock Strategy and Design, we chose the right partner. Erin provided a personal touch from our very first engagement through launch. She heard our needs and understood the “feel” we wanted to convey on our website and delivered! Throughout our engagement, Erin served as a thought partner, leveraging her marketing expertise to help us think through content, language, and design elements. Erin guided our website development with questions and data requests that focused us on the key elements of our business and desired messaging.

Her communication was excellent throughout the website re-design process. Erin made herself available for update meetings and content & design discussions. She sent regular loom videos which provided real-time updates and illustrations of website changes. There was never a time when we didn’t know where the redesign stood. The quality of a Hemlock-designed website speaks for itself. The features are clean and functionality smooth. The speed at which Erin processed updates to language, pictures, styling, etc. was incredible. The quality feedback loop process ensured that we were 100% happy with the content at launch. And, after launch, Erin did not disappear. She regularly checks in to ensure things are working well and to see if there are any unmet needs.

We would highly recommend Hemlock to anyone who wants a high-quality website and values having a partner that can make the website redesign process fun and rewarding.

Chad Luxenburg, CEO, and Sandy Frydryk, Managing Director



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