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Podcast Feature – PaintTalks and The Turquoise Iris Journal

How fun! One of my clients, Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris and The Turquoise Iris Journal asked me to join her on the PaintTalks podcast this week. I’ve worked with her for the past several years, providing technical help and website management. This conversation is a little different than her normal PaintTalks interviews, which typically focus on artists that have been featured in The Turquoise Iris Journal (a magazine for and by creatives).  Dionne is a coach to creatives and we chatted about how to start thinking about a website if you are an artist.

We talk about what you need to have ready before starting a website – do you need a jumpstart yourself? Download my website checklist!

Dionne works hard, is generous with her knowledge, and is one of the biggest encouragers I know. It was wonderful to sit down and chat with her.

Listen where you get your Podcasts or at this link!

PaintTalks Podcast Cover Erin Schlarb